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A few words about the blog and its purpose

28 October 2018By Joanna IK

Knowing Ourselves

As we are getting to know each other better, let me share with you the purpose of the blog.

Let me welcome toy to my place online. The name of the place is In The Pastel Bag. At the entrance there’s a pastel bag with posts which reflect my creative interest: connecting through thoughts, stories and projects which bring a smile to our face.

Being raised between two cultures and two languages, I learned at an early age that the human soul is complicated and hence amazing. When you decide to compose your identity, you’ll find some pieces easy and some difficult. You’ll observe, try, fail, feel disappointed, reflect; try again, try differently, create, feel joy. You wouldn’t stop. Life doesn’t stop. You move forward and keep learning.

What I learn along is what I wish to share through this blog: issues of social and educational interest around the challenges and joy of being a citizen of the world; in Greek and in English, using separate pages. Together with those who have similar concerns. You see, I agree that we learn from others and with others.

Have a creative week!