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What would it be like to educate 2020?

9 February 2020By Joanna IK

Knowing ourselves

For some time now, my life has been on autopilot. I have been on autopilot, to meet new responsibilities, new duties, and new expectations, with success. Until my not-going-away cold landed me in thoughts and the world inside me. I suddenly realised that I had forgotten about me. And I had somehow forgotten how much I enjoy writing and visiting other creative blogs. And I found myself wondering how I’d like 2020 to be for me.

This thought turned into a piece of writing when I watched again, some time ago, a favourite movie of mine: “Educating Rita” … I found myself wondering what it’d be like to educate 2020, and any year to come; to show them how we wish the months and days of our life to be. As I am turning off the autopilot, I am ready to share my thoughts with you.

Let me first stress how much I enjoy watching “Educating Rita” (based on the play by Willy Russell). It is about Rita, a young woman who longs for more meaning in life. She decides to return to education. She faces difficulties, has no support, yet she knows what she wants and perseveres. In the end, it is Rita who educates her teacher by helping him to understand what he wants in life.

As I was watching the movie, indulging in coffee, I kept wondering how 2020 could understand what we want in life and in the daily routine.

If we were to see 2020 as a new friend we have just made, 
what would we tell them about ourselves? Over our coffee chat. 
In other words, how would we like this friend to see us?

One question, many choices and some steps to follow, to find the answer we are looking for:

  • Think how we introduce ourselves to those around us and understand which traits make us feel unique. Are we intelligent and thoughtless? Are we full of energy and indecision?
  • Think what we wish to achieve this year and so the end result to be. Is it a product we intend to obtain? Is it a feeling we wish to experience?
  • We aren’t alone in life. Think who we wish our supporters to be. Who do we wish to share with the challenges and joy of 2020?

Understandably, there is a certain concern crossing our mind: Will our new friend be able to support us? Time will tell ?

Enjoy February!

Photo: Mary Amerman / Unsplash