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Welcoming 2019 with music!

By Joanna IK

Happy holidays! What would I like to dedicate to 2019? No special reason, just to start the New Year full of optimism and melody. A song known in Greek as “Turn your pain intο joy” and in English as “In the cool of the day” …

1963, Hollywood visits Greece to shoot the movie In The Cool of Τhe Day (released here as “Holidays in Greece”). Manos Hadjidakis composes enchanting music for the movie and Nat King Cole performs the theme song, in English. A unique collaboration of two international music legends.

50+ years later, let’s join our voices in harmony and sing to 2019:

In the cool of the day

I’ll hold you there

and never a moment

will l leave you feeling lonely

No longer at night to run away

I’ll have the right to love you

in the cool of the day

If you look at the background, to the top, you will see one of the photos I took at a public vocational training institute in my hometown. Hmm, it looks as if the cat is wagging its tail in rhythm.

In the diary, not to forget, to enjoy 2019!!

A blogger friend, Joanna