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The story continues

By Joanna IK

After the deadly wildfires, after our summer vacation, the story continues. And so does our online conversation. There are more topics to cover, around the challenges and joy of being a citizen of the world. And more articles around social cohesion and social solidarity.

Here is a sneak peek at the articles to follow. We will be discussing community education, that is, education aiming at the development of a community and the strengthening of social ties.

We will be focusing on an institution, and a concept, I have recently become familiar with. When I decided to embark on a journey, to know myself and to know others. Which concept am I referring to? Third culture kids, widely known as TCK. When you are raised between two or more cultures, borrowing some of their parts to shape your own identity, you feel as if you are holding a different, third identity. I am certain you will find this topic very interesting.

Stay tuned! 

A blogger friend, Joanna

Photo: At the Beatles Museum in Liverpool, England