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Reflection in the mirror

19 September 2021By Joanna IK

Reflection in the mirror

A blog post I have recently read made me wonder what it is that we actually see in our reflection in the mirror. Especially if we carry inside us experiences difficult to bear, such as abuse and violence; neglect and abandonment; crime and war. If for some reason, we are living in the shade of life.

The truth in the mirror

Can we see the truth in the mirror? That no matter what the experience might be, there can be light in the darkness, to unveil the beauty and value of our soul – any soul. Can we see how we wish to present ourselves to the rest of the world? Or do we see ourselves through the eyes of others? Possibly expecting those others to tell us who we should be in this world.

Whatever the answer may be, there is the underlying question of whether it is Love or Hatred reflected in the eyes of the soul.  

Pain around the world

While working on human rights projects, I came to realise that there is a lot of pain surrounding the world. There are painful events leading to painful perceptions and reflections of the self. Some may remain in darkness. Some may dictate the way we connect and interact with others, at home or at work.

I agree, we aren’t obliged to reveal details of pain; not when we don’t want to. Yet we may owe it to ourselves to accept that pain is part of life – expression – coexistence. Pain has something important to tell us. When we accept it and embrace it, we can smile at the reflection in the mirror.

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About the painting: Departure with Oval Mirror, by Yiannis Tsaroychis @WikiArt

A touch of music delivered by George Michael. There is something in this song about the pain inside us, reminding us that we all have the right to a second chance in life.

Heal the Pain