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Let us turn our thoughts into action

By Joanna IK

My third post on being a citizen of the world presents the category of Thoughts in Action. Here you can find useful material to explore topics of wide interest concerning civil society, which can help us to better understand the meaning and significance of social cohesion.

What is my understanding of civil society and social cohesion? We live in a society where we come to realise that we could all create those conditions which support a good life. Working alone and/or on a team, we can support collective efforts towards a cohesive society and a life free from fear and shame, defined by understanding and respect. That means that we can share and enjoy a good life, regardless of events and experiences, positions and rank, gender and origin.

Travelling around the world, be it online or offline, means getting to know ourselves and others. Being surrounded by different colourful images, what we see and what we hear makes us reflect on how we wish to introduce ourselves to others and co-exist, in the same community. And that is how thoughts that preoccupy us can become projects that excite us.

Holding onto that thought, the material selected will be organised into topics. The purpose is twofold: to exchange relevant knowledge and ideas and to support our interest in the society that surrounds us – our neighbourhood, the community and the environment. Here you can view topics which speak to the heart and make us feel part of a big friendly group, one defined by understanding and respect.

Have a creative week!

A blogger friend, Joanna