Why I blog


Find out what the purpose and the categories of my blog are

Having a coffee chat over a story

Why I blog: The purpose 

Welcome to my place online. The name of the place is In The Pastel Bag. At the entrance, there’s a pastel bag filled with posts reflecting my creative interest: communicating through thoughts, stories and projects which bring a smile to our face.

Being raised between two cultures and two languages, I learned at an early age that the human soul is complicated and hence amazing. When you decide to compose your identity, youll find some pieces easy and some difficult. You’ll observe, try, fail, feel disappointed, reflect; try again, try differently, create, feel joy. You wouldn’t stop. Life doesn’t stop. You move forward and keep learning from what life serves you.

What I learn along is what I wish to share through my blog: issues of social and educational interest around the challenges and joy of being a citizen of the world; in Greek and in English, using separate pages. Together with those who have similar concerns. You see, I agree that we learn from others and with others.

Why I blog: The categories

Knowing Ourselves: Personal development; Self-awareness

Knowing Others: Social development; Culture of others

Knowing the world: The initial category “Thoughts in Action: International days; Human rights education” has been enriched, to include texts and pictures which make us feel citizens of the world. Enjoy!

Sunday morning, it's the get-together time

Time for coffee and reading together a new story.

See you soon, down by the seaside.

June, 2020